Workout Mix AKA British Pop Music

Nobody makes amazing pop music like the British.  Okay I am a litttttle bias. But maybe when you add these songs to your workout playlist you will agree with me. 


Pixie Lott: All About Tonight

Katy B : Katy on a Mission

Rizzle Kicks: Down With the Trumpet

Cher Lloyd: Want U Back

Emeli Sande: Next to Me

Lily Allen: Everyone’s At It

Rizzle Kicks: Mama Do The Hump

Ellie Goulding: Bittersweet


That seems like more than enough music for a workout. Almost too much actually.  

Kelly Clarkson Greatest Hits Chapter 1

There is no one I would rather talk about in my first post than Kelly Clarkson.  For anyone who knows anything about me, they know she is my favorite.  More than my favorite. I seriously live for her and her music. She is easily the greatest singer right now.  Before you x out and never come back here again, hear me out.  Kelly covers Adele, The Beatles, No Doubt, Coldplay, Paramore, Gotye, Mariah Carey, Eminem and everyone in between…. somehow the white girl from Texas can pull off every single performance, usually making them better than the original.

My favorite covers of hers, you ask? There are soooo many good ones. Oh Darlin by the The Beatles is amazing, because she literally wails on that song. All I Wanted by Paramore shows her emotion. But I love everything by her, I seriously cannot narrow it down. Okay one last one, The Writer by Ellie Goulding…. totally makes it her own. I sound like Paula Abdul now.

Fun fact: she learns these covers the day of her concert.  The fans pick them, tweets her, and she delivers.

OKAY. About her newly released CD.  I was excited about a new record but not STOKED because obviously I have all the songs already.  It is a greatest hits CD and she has quite the song list on it.

Bottom Line:  Personally I am not THRILLED with the album because I am a huge fan and know what she is capable of. I want more live tracks on there. Or her to rerecord her hits the way she sings them live.  That being said, she does have a live version of Miss Independent on the record.   Nothing compares to actually being there and experiencing the song in full, but its as close as you can get since she isn’t on tour right now!  The few new songs on there, are good, not great, and definitely not number 1 hits.

BUT, 99% of the people who buy this CD are not huge fans of her, and will LOVE this album as it is packed with all of her famous anthems and you will, whether you realize it or not, know every single song on it. The average Kelly fan will love the CD more than I do, I promise!

Seriously the bottom line: Buy it.  You will thank me when you are driving to beach with your windows rolled down, singing along to Since U Been Gone, Miss Independent and My Life Would Suck Without You.

What is this?

Lets get this awkward introduction over with now and then forget it. I am a 23 year old girl who grew up in Los Angeles, California. You can stereotype me.  I grew up skipping school to go to American Idol, going to see celebrities get their stars on the walk of fame, and running into celebrities… not so coincidentally. Take that as you want.   I currently live in Bucharest, Romania. A bit of a change. I have adjusted to not being able to go to a concert weekly, or even watch every episode of the Kardashians the night they air, but I am still on top of every pop culture news story. I still know who gets voted off each reality show every week, and I am usually the first to hear about a celebrity pregnancy or death because of the time difference.  I decided to start this blog because I have a strong opinion about everything. I could write pages and pages on every CD I hear, every news story that breaks, and every single episode of American Idol. 

 I want to write here so I can judge, critique and say what I want without feeling like I am shoving my views down peoples throats. Okay, that’s a lie, I really don’t mind doing that, but at least if I write here, people have the option to leave.

I was hesitant about writing about politics.  I thought about it for awhile, going back and forth, but figured I have read pop culture blogs that are super liberal for years, and if I have had to skip all their bias stories, you liberals can do the same here! Lucky for you, the election is over, and unless something huge happens, I will focus on more important things… music and pop culture!

Tis the season for amazing albums to come out. Tis the season for me to stay inside to stay warm and listen to said albums.  Lucky for you, I will let you know the ones to avoid, but also, I will scream at you (lovingly of course…. okay probably not lovingly) to run, not walk, to your closest Best Buy and buy great music. Wait, does anyone even do that anymore? I haven’t bought a CD in years. Okay, I will scream at you to open your iTunes and click “Buy Now.” 


You’re welcome.